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Creating great custom earmolds is top on the list of
things we do here at Mid-States. We know our materials like
the back of our hand, and work tirelessly to get it perfect every
time. Just because we know our stuff doesn’t mean you have to, though- it’s why we’re great at what we do! Here’s some information on the earmolds we can create for you. Have questions about something you don’t see here? No problem – give us a call, we’re happy to help!

Standard Styles

We have found that the best Mid-States “salesman” is the earmold itself! No description we have written has worked as well as the actual fitting process. However, for convenience, read about standard styles here.

Thin Tube Custom Earmold Fittings

To better achieve the patient’s goal, it’s helpful to identify the reason for a Thin Tube fitting. Learn all about them here!

Noise and Hearing Protection

Our molds are used for much more than just amplification. In fact, they’re used as swimming plugs, bathing plugs, musician earplugs, and other types of hearing protection! Read about the options here!

Non-Amplified and Speciality Molds

The hearing instrument earmold is just one portion of the custom products manufactured by Mid-States. In addition to the many styles and variations for amplified products , we also provide non-amplified products for a variety of communication, sports, and medical applications, pilot earpieces, handsfree cell phone and iPod and similar music related products.

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