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Gun Assembly

Injection Gun Assembly


1. Push the plunger release lever (b) upward with thumb and hold in place.

2. Insert plunger (a) from the front of the gun with the thin edge inserted first and with the toothed surface facing downward.

3. Push the plunger all the way through the gun body and then release the lever.

1. Push the plunger release lever up and push the plunger rearward, placing the round end of the plunger into the gun body (e.)

2. Lift retainer cap (d) and insert rear of cartridge into slot (f) provided at front of gun just above trigger (c.) Return retainer cap to original position to lock cartridge in place.

3.. Move plunger forward into cartridge barrels by squeezing trigger. Cartridge must be properly positioned or plunger will not enter barrel/ If necessary cartridge may be repositioned by raising plunger release lever and withdrawing plunger.

4/ When ready to use impression material, remove sealing cap by twisting. Bleed the cartridge by extruding a small amount of material to insure that both barrels are flowing equally. Wipe end of cartridge.

5. Verify that mixing tip has a complete set of spirals and then attach to cartridge by twisting one quater turn into a locking position.

1. Squeeze trigger with moderate and even pressure to begin mixing material. Material will stop flowing when trigger is released.

2. Leave the used mixing tip in place when finished until a new impression is to be taken.

3. For subsequent usage, remove the used mixing tip and squeeze trigger to bleed small amount of material from the two openings of cartridge. Proceed as above.

4. To remove the cartridge, raise the release lever and withdraw the plunger. Then raise the retainer cap to remove and dispose of empty cartridge.

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