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Yellow Stuff IV™

The Impression Material of Quality
Conscious Dispensers.

What is Yellow Stuff™?

We’re proud to say that since we introduced Yellow Stuff™ exclusively in 1993, it’s become the leading impression material on the market. Over the years, we’ve continually worked to improve the consistency of the mix, putting Yellow Stuff IV™ on the top shelf of impression materials. Along the way, we’ve received personal endorsements from major manufacturers and other hearing healthcare professionals – our hard work is catching on!

Yellow Stuff IV™ is fluid enough to fill the canal completely, but firm enough to stay put without sagging. What’s left? A flawless impression that turns into a virtually perfect earmold. We’ll leave the frustration of distortion and poor consistency to the other guys.

Advantages of Yellow Stuff IV™

We created Yellow Stuff IV™ because we needed an impression material that met our own high standards. We worked really hard to get it just right! In addition to being the best quality impression material you’ll find in the industry, here are some other advantages of Yellow Stuff IV™.

  • Hands-free injection gun and cartridge system gives the handler the ability to create virtually perfect impressions.
  • Repeatable mixing creates enhanced viscosity and reliable consistency.
  • Pressure-free system eliminates canal distention and other types of impression flaws.
  • Mixing tip extenders are available for small canals and CIC impressions.

Yellow Stuff IV™ helps eliminate impression flaws, and perfect the earmold fit from the beginning. Modifications and remakes can be a thing of the past! Call us today to place an order, or get more information.

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