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The standard or regular syringe is great for use with our powder/liquid formula.

The all-in-one Mix-In-It syringe allows the dispenser to mix the powder / liquid materials in the syringe (with the barrel closed) and then insert the plunger, open the dispensing port from the barrel to the nozzle and insert the material into the ear.

The silicone syringe is pictured with our Accu-Form Impression Material.


LED and Disposable Earlights

The new LED earlight provides great ability to visualize the ear canal and eardrum. The light chip technology is brighter and last longer than previous products. Batteries are included with the instrument. In addition, an earblock insertion attachment and carrying case are included.

The disposable earlight is handy as a cost effective and back-up unit. The light is not a bright as the LED units, but does serve the purpose. This light includes includes an earblock insertion attachment.



#13 Med: .076 x .122 *
#13 Thick: .076 x .130 *
#13 SuperThick: .076 x .142
#12 Std: .085 x .125
#16 Std: .053 x .116
Stethoscope: .125 x .187

* #13 Medium is used on all earmolds unless otherwise requested. #13 Medium and Thick are available in Dri Tubes.

The acoustic and Dri Tube horn styles are available in regular and Dri in the 3 mm and 4 mm sizes.


Partially Coiled Tubes

These over-the-ear tubes are available in full coil (approximately 14 inches of coil) and mini-coil, pictured, (approximately 6 inches of coil) both with a total tubing length of 36 inches. Also available is the straight over-the-ear tube. When ordering please specify right or left ear. As an option, the tubes are available with metal clips.

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