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Supply Items

Mid States offers many helpful supplies for your shop,
including earmold impression materials, and earlights! If
you need something you don’t see here in this section,
please let us know!


Yellow Stuff IV Injection Silicone and Injection Gun

The Yellow Stuff Impression Material System is the choice of Quality Conscious Dispensers! This hands-free injection gun and cartridge system allows you to create virtually perfect impressions. Yellow Stuff IV is a 40 shore, double barrel silicone material that doesn’t sag during set-up, nor does it distend the canal during insertion. The material comes in boxes of 8 cartridges with 32 tips.



This two-part silicone putty material is formed using equal parts of the base and activator as measured with the small measuring syringes. For varied ear size, adjustments to both materials can be increased or decreased as needed. The green (base) / white (activator) material is 35 shore and mixes easily by hand for insertion into the standard silicone syringe. Available in the 2-tub unit with measuring syringes.


Powder / Liquid…The Original Impression Material

The traditional / original type of impression material, ethel-methacrylate better known as powder and liquid, is available in the 12 pack carton or without the carton if preferred. The materials are available in bulk packaging of 1 and 2 pound powders with 8 and 16 ounce liquid. With proper technique, the material can make a very good impression but caution must be used for handling and shipping as the memory is far less ‘user friendly’.

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