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In-Office Adjustments

It is not uncommon to find it beneficial to make slight
adjustments for comfort, ease of insertion, or even sound quality.
Being comfortable with your equipment and familiar with the adjustment process is a sure way to bring a smile to your patient’s face.

To do the best job, a dental lathe is an integral piece of equipment. If one is not available, a hand-held Dremel is the next option. In addition you will need cutting stones (acrylic for hard & seim-soft materials; white or blue course stones for silicone) buffing wheels, and buffing compound.

To modify hard and semi-soft molds:

  • Hold mold with both hands
  • Place area for modification gently to the cutting stone
  • Modify the material using small “strokes” against the stone (modify in small increments to avoid over-modifying)
  • When finished, apply buffing compound to the wheel, take modified area to the wheel to smooth and eliminate scratches
  • Wipe excess compound from mold and finish with the polishing wheel for shine

To modify silicone molds:

  • Use a high speed motor or multi-speed Dremel
  • Hold mold tightly with both hands
  • Press area for modification firmly against the blue or white course stone (as * material will get hot, it is best to do this is small steps)
  • When finished, wipe the mold with a damp towel


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