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MSL 90 & 7000

MSL 90 – The Softer Side of Silicone.

This is our 2nd generation soft silicone earmold material.
It’s extremely soft, but exceptionally strong! It’s most commonly
used for severe losses because it provides the perfect combination of comfort and seal. It’s also an option for milder losses where comfort is an issue.

  • MSL 90 is a flexible, versatile material.
  • Superior resistance to hardening and cracking.
  • Available in a wide range of colors – including our multi-colored swirls!
  • We can provide an excellent seal in everything from full shell to canal styles.
  • Available with our invisible additive.

MSL 7000 – Silicone that Seals the Deal.

This is our 3rd generation soft silicone earmold material with an excellent sealing ability. It’s strong and durable, and available in clear, as well as transparent pink!

  • It’s slightly firmer than our other silicone materials.
  • Superior resistance to hardening and cracking.
  • Because of it’s versatility, it’s a great option for all fittings.
  • Not available with our invisible additive.

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