Mid States Laboratories Inc.

Audtex & Apollo

These are our proprietary body-softening materials.
During our work with the NASA program, we became
known as The Earmold Suppliers for the Astronauts! As a
result of that relationship, we were afforded the rights to the materials that became known as Audtex and Apollo. We hold strongly to the belief that, all things considered, there are no better products.

Here are some of the characteristics of these top quality materials:

• Excellent sealing capabilities for severe losses.
• Versatile, and fits comfortably for all losses.
• Firm in the hand, and then softens with body heat to perfect the fit. (Audtex is a bit firmer than Apollo.)
• Modified much more easily than silicone.
• Tubing can be glued.
• Available with our invisible additive.

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