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Quality You Can Feel

Our earmold materials are the best quality in the industry;
see for yourself! We have options for virtually every need,
including solutions for a full range of hearing losses.

Audtex & Apollo – Proprietary NASA Materials.

These are our proprietary body-softening materials. During our work with the NASA program, we became known as The Earmold Suppliers for the Astronauts! As a result of that relationship, we were afforded the rights to the materials that became known as Audtex and Apollo.

MSL 90 – The Softer Side of Silicone.

This is our 2nd generation soft silicone earmold material. It’s extremely soft, but exceptionally strong! It’s most commonly used for severe losses because it provides the perfect combination of comfort and seal.

MSL 7000 – Silicone that Seals the Deal.

This is our 3rd generation soft silicone earmold material with an excellent sealing ability. It’s strong and durable, and available in clear, as well as transparent pink!

Invisible Additive – Now You See it, Now You Don’t!

Our invisible additive can make an earmold virtually disappear! The fiber in our Invisible blend causes the material to become transparent, which is very cosmetically appealing for those who desire an inconspicuous mold.

Here’s a full list of the materials we use here at Mid-States.

Click here to learn more about each of them.

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