Mid States Laboratories Inc.

Non-Amplified and Specialty Earpieces

The hearing instrument earmold is just one portion of the
custom products manufactured by Mid-States. In addition to
the many styles and variations for amplified products , we also provide non-amplified products for a variety of communication, sports, and medical applications, pilot earpieces, handsfree cell phone and iPod and similar music related products. Of course we offer noise protection products, swim molds, and musicians earmolds, all of which you can read about in the Noise and Hearing Protection section.

Anesthesiologist’s Earpiece

It is necessary for the anesthesiologist to monitor patients and this earpiece provides a comfortable and effective method. The product is standardly vented for comfort, and is fitted with a metal adapter. Tubing for the adapter is 1/8’‘ I.D. stethoscope tubing and may be ordered in varying lengths – a minimum of 3 ft. is recommended. For identification, tinting is suggested as medical settings often have several anesthesiologists on staff.

Communication Earpieces

A variety of application exist for the basic communication earpiece including TV monitor / IFB products for newscasters and ‘behind the scenes’, off-camera personnel (typically using a regular more visible style); receptionists, office personnel, and telemarketers that find themselves on the phone for extended periods of time; and law enforcement and security persons needing handsfree, inconspicuous methods of communicating with their conterparts just to name a few of the applications.

These products typically use a CROS style allowing an open fit or vented skeleton styles (styles which reduce fullness and allow the wearer to carry on conversation normally), both of which provide minimum visibility. The earpieces are

coupled to a coiled tube and can be supplied with a collar clip. The end of the coiled section has a connector that adapts to the communication device being used in each particular application.

Dispenser’s Listening Earpiece

For use in the office, we manufacture a Listening Earpiece for checking hearing instruments. Normally this is a skelton w/ ote tubing or a regular w/ plastic adapter, in lucite and a length of straight tubing (standardly 3’feet). For identification in multi-person offices, we recommend that you order tinting.

Hands-Free Cell Phone Earpiece

This custom molded ear bud for use with cell phones increases driver safety and comfort over the ’3 sizes fit all’ products provided with hands-free products. In addition to the safety and comfort aspects, in many states or jurisdictions, hands-free usage is required by law while driving.

Personal Listening Earpieces

With the advances in music and computer technologies, the increase in environmental ‘noise’ has made the personal listening adapters commonplace for CD and tape players, radios, computers, readers, and other technological inventions. And their use has been greatly appreciated by the many other persons in any given venue!

The products are manufactured in two styles, one with the earbud recessed in the face of the earpiece, and the second where the earbud fits into a flexible “cup” attached to the face of the earpiece. The recessed style is available in both silicone materials: MSL-90 and MSL-7000, and is the most commonly used out of the two. The “cup” can be advantageous for persons who have a small concha which will not accommodate the earbud in diameter or depth. Some have commented that it provides for a more “open” feeling and reduced “fullness.” This style is available in Lucite, Apollo, Softex and Marveltex.

Pilot Earpieces

Used widely by air traffic controllers and pilots to increase comfort when wearing communication listening device with boom microphones, the Pilot Earpiece uses a regular / standard earmold and is equipped with an adjustable or fixed bar. Earpieces are vented for comfort unless ordered otherwise.


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