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Noise and Hearing Protection

Our molds are used for much more than just amplification.
In fact, they’re used as swimming plugs, bathing plugs,
musician earplugs, and other types of hearing protection!

For someone who finds themselves in high noise levels frequently, or even occasionally, sound protection could help keep the delicate components of your ears safe. Some of the occupations and industries that often produce consistently high noise levels include: manufacturing, target range and hunting, recreational events and sporting events.

Hocks Noise Braker: Filtered Ear Plugs

This world famous noise protection unit is a patented acoustic filter which reduces sound while permitting the wearer to carry on conversation without removing the plugs.

Ear Defenders: Solid Ear Plugs

A variation on the filtered version, these solid plugs help protect against more intense noise.

Both Hocks Noise Brakers and Ear Defenders are available in nearly any color (including swirls), with accessories such as handles, and a connecting cord.

Musician’s Earplug: ER-25

As the filter with the greatest attenuation of the custom ER plugs, 25 dB of relatively flat sound reduction, this product allows for higher intensities or a longer exposure time for the wearer.

Musician’s Earplug: ER-15

See what it’s like to hear sound naturally, clearly and accurately – just with less environmental noise. This version of the musician’s earplug is designed to provide a flat 15dB attenuation.

Musician’s Earplug: ER-9

This plug offers a 9 dB sound reduction through the mid-range, but has the same level of high frequency protection as the ER-15.

With interchangeable filters, the ER-25, ER-15 and ER-9 are perfect for those who experience varying degrees of noise on a consistent basis and want appropriate protection for all.

Hi-Fi Earplug: ER-20 (Non-Custom)

If you want moderate attenuation for all sounds, but don’t want the “blocked-up” pressure, this non-custom plug is perfect. It can be redi-fit, or supplied with a custom adapter.

Sonic II Plug

These patented valves are designed primarily for impulse noises such as gun blasts. The flexible, custom plugs have a series of noise resistors, and moving diaphragms.

Filtered Plugs

If you find yourself in low to moderate noise level situations, and would still like hearing protection, these filtered plugs are just the answer. The 680 ohm filtered variety of sound attenuator can be manufactured with one or two filters, providing between 10 and 20 dB average reduction.

Swimming and Bathing Protection

For fun in the sun and the tub, use Rainbow Brites! They’re bright, light, and perfect for protecting little (and big!) ears in the water.

  • Available in literally every color imaginable, including swirls!
  • Accessorize the plugs with matching cords.
  • Don’t worry about losing them – they float!
  • Comfort and durability combined into one plug.
  • Custom crafted with thoughtful attention to detail, just as with all Mid-States earmolds!

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