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Impression Material Instructions

Preparation of the Impression Material

All of our impression materials at Mid-States are quality
materials and allow you, the dispenser to obtain quality
impressions… with the caveat that each material has unique characteristics and mixing requirements. In our opinion, Yellow Stuff injection style impression tops the list, and also takes a “little more” explaining. For that reason, you will find it “under” the Yellow Stuff IV page.

In this section we have our Accu-Form and our Powder-Liquid instructions. We know other types of materials are available, even though they may not be the most commonly used. If you would like to discuss others, please give us a call.

Yellow-Stuff (Silicone / Injection Gun System)

See this information under Yellow Stuff IV™.

Accu-Form (Silicone / 2 Part Putty Syringe System)

This 2 part putty material provides excellent impression that have perfect memory and no shrinkage or distortion. The mixture is equal parts of the white and green materials using the small, color coded measuring syringes (in order to prevent contamination of the materials, make sure these syringes are used only in the ‘matching’ tub, green syringe for green material, white for white).

Extract equal amounts, generally to the level 5 on the syringe, and place the materials in your palm. Proceed to mix in a kneading fashion until the material is no longer marbled in color, but rather a consistent green, usually about 20 to 30 seconds. Roll into a tubular shape and insert into the dispensing syringe.

Proceed with the impression in a smooth and steady injection. Allow the material to set up for 5 to 7 minutes. Check to see if the material is ready by lightly pressing a fingernail into the material and leaving no indentation.

Mid-States Powder-Liquid (Audalin / Traditional Syringe System)

The traditional material is best mixed by adding the liquid to the mixing bowl/cup first and then carefully adding the powder. Stir thoroughly until smooth. As the material sets up quickly, work with some speed. Transfer the mixture to the regular syringe, or the Mid-States Mix-It-In-It syringe, using the mixing blade/spatual and proceed with the impression.

Check for set up by using the fingernail, and be sure that the material is completely cured as the tear strength is less than other materials.

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