Mid States Laboratories Inc.

General Information

Shipping and Postage

For postage and shipping in today’s business world, you
have many options to choose from. In an effort to provide good,
reliable service and to give you a choice in pricing we offer the following plans:

Earmold Orders

All accounts are supplied with USPS inbound shipping labels which on receipt will be invoiced on the order. Standardly we will ship in the same USPS manner and invoice accordingly. You may choose to have expedited service via UPS for the return by indicating this on your order.

Orders may also be shipped in and out via any of the UPS services, Overnight, Next Day, 2nd Day, and Ground service. Again invoices will be billed accordingly. An option with the UPS program is to choose our scheduled program where we will group your shipments for mailing on one (1) or two (2) specific days of the week. This can be a significant cost savings, and if individual orders need to be shipped ASAP and not held, note ‘ship when ready’ on the order. Detailed pricing can be found on the earmold price sheet.

Supply Orders

Supply items are shipped by express carrier via the regular Ground Service program. Most orders are shipped same day or next day. Shipping and handling is applied to all invoices. Detailed pricing can be found on the supply price sheet.

Billing Policies

Our accounts are closed the last day of each month and statements are mailed at that time. Accounts paid in full by the 10th of the following month are allowed a discount for prompt pay.

At the other end of the spectrum, accounts not paid in full within 30 days will be assessed a late fee. Accounts not paid with in 60 day of biling may be placed on C.O.D. status. If C.O.D. or cash with order best fits your needs, please let us know.

Warranty & Remake Policies

Custom earmolds are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material for a 6-month period. During this time we will remake an earmold without charge under the following circumstances:

  • An explanation of the problem must accompany the order. This allows us to make appropriate corrections to the order.
  • The original date and, if possible, the earmold number need to be supplied.
  • For most situations, a new impression is recommended. To be sure of the need, please call and visit with our customer service staff while the patient is in your office.

Charges are applied in the following situations:

  • Changes in style and/or materials will result in a minimum charge.
  • CROS and high frequency styles are not guaranteed against feedback and remakes will be assessed a minimum charge.
  • If a simple adjustment (venting, shortening the canal, etc.) will correct the problem, we ask that the earmold be returned for a no-charge adjustment. If a remake is requested in lieu of the adjustment, a minimum charge will apply.


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